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Posting from mobile devices

Observations about some particularities when posting from iPad Air (iPad 5 gen), Safari browser.

It shouldn't bother anyone though, but noted if one uses iPad and PC alternatively, since we (me frown) sometimes forget the change in devices:

0- There's a little hidden tab at the top of the keyboard, useful for spell-checking, Pasting text, undo-redo editing step, and it even contains a pair of arrows for navigating through all fields available to be edited. To activate the little tab, drag the smalle "---" button UP. Drag down for hiding it again.


1- Pasting text: Text won't be insert when trying to paste to a blank editor, but typing any letter or punctuation mark first then pasting the text will work.
2- Icon for inserting video doesn't work, but using the tag

works just fine. (mentioned in FAQ).
3- Icon for Underlining text doesn't work. 
4- When selecting text, sometimes a few words get selected in pink (replace funcion, I guess). That can be undone by selecting other text out of that pink selection (try a few times, and it will give up).
5- When inserting the "mouse pointer" to type text in between words can be done easily by tap-and-hold, instead of just tapping.
6- To Select a strip of text, double-tap on the first or last word desired, then drag the blue dots accordingly..
7- "Select All" is a nice way to back up before hitting Post.  Tap anywhere in the text, tap-and-hold on the same spot (approximately), tap Select All, Copy.

The Paste button can be used in the in-game Team board too btw (if you type your message in another app for instance, allowing editing before posting, copying as backup)

- The Save button -
Sometimes we hit the Save button and it gets highlighted in light gray only, not dark gray, and the browser's progress bar doesn't start to fill up. We tend to hit the button twice then, and when this "2-step" process wasn't to be triggered, we double post.

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