And the Winner is ....

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And the Winner is ....

Hi all,

In July 2016 I started as the host of THE NEW ALL TT's. Goal of the tournament was to race all TT's in a certain career Serie. First we started in the PRO Series, later also in the Amateur Series and finally the Exclusive Series was added. At that point the goal already changed a little bit as running all the TT's in that part of RR3 is a bit expensive if you look at the cars used.
Therefor the Exclusive Series was limited to the cheapest cars as the Nissan Skyline, BMW M3, Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 and the Audi R8 LMS Ultra. 
Last week the 11th and last round of that Serie ended. ( Maybe this Serie will be extended in the future, but this depends on the addition of "cheap" cars to the Exclusive part of RR3 ).

This means we have a winner. Or actually we have 3 winners because this Tournament was divided in an A and B group, with an ex aequo in group B.
In total 32 members have been participating in the 11 rounds of this Tournament. From those 32 13 have raced all 11 TT's. Many thanks for that. Off course I also like to thank all the others who have contributed.

And now the rankings:

Top 3 in group A:
1. Unreal,                       Winner !
2. Jose Enriquez
3. Gwaynestu

Off course:
If Zimfrank and HCDrue would have participated in all 11 TT's the outcome might have been different, but they haven't.

Top 3 in group B:
1. Stahlnase and Herdan   Winners !
3. Sascha78

All details about the final ranking can be found in the attachment.

At the moment THE NEW ALL TT's continued with a changed concept.
See the details here:

And the first round is already started:


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