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Event archives

Just wondering about the Event Archives tab that has the banner re new exciting event coming.
saw a report this morning about an interview with EA sports General Manager, Daryl Holt
In his statement, he says they (EA) currently have 230 million sports players and aim for 500 million within 5 years
While talking about new football and NFL and golf games, there is a reminder of the purchase of Codemasters F1 game maker and a statement re Fortnight not having a Fortnight 2, but constant updates

A quote from article -

"EA plans “more racing games, more often” after buying F1 game maker Codemasters

RaceFans Round-up"

Seems we might be in the same ( but smaller) category and have more/new input to keep our numbers going. :)

 Hence this post ( finally:)
Could the 'old' Archives tab be related to a new F1 regular event or just a rewind of catch up old car events


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