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Advert watching for GC

Ad watching as we know is one of the ways we can earn GC. While I generally 'watch' 1 tier of R$ ads to earn my 10 GCs, I'm usually not up for spending more time or enduring more monkey nonsense.  

I really don't 'watch' the ads per se, rather I passively watch tv and play the RR3 ads half-paying attention and clicking the 'X' in upper right of screen when I sense ad has finished playing. Peripheral vision ftw. 

Today I decided to bite the bullet and play them all to earn my 20 GC. And tallying the number of ads and elapsed time. Here we go:

Today the ads were overwhelmingly the 15 second variety (MNF, Lego's, Nerf toys). Had a few scattered 30 sec and 5 sec ads. Fortunately absent today: the idiotic King-in-peril glitchy crapola. And remarkably no ad crashes or freezes today. 

1st GC - 5 GC ads, play time: 1:15 minutes

eazy peazy:
1st R$ - 20 R$ ads, play time: 5.00 minutes

2nd GC - 5 GC ads, play time: 1:15 minutes

glutton for punishment:
2nd R$ - 50 R$ ads, play time: 12.50 minutes 

3rd GC - 5 GC ads, play time: 1:15 minutes

straight up masochism:
3rd R$ - 90 R$ ads, play time: 22.50 minutes 

4th GC - 5 GC ads, play time: 1:15 minutes

Total - 20 GC, 180 ads (20 GC, 170 R$), play time: ~45 minutes

Time well spent? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   YMMV

Do many of you earn the full 20?

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