Earning a new F1 car

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Earning a new F1 car

This may well have been discussed previously although at the time I didn't notice as I was probably set in my ways of how to go about it (my way)
There are another 2 F1 cars in the next update and I will have enough M$ to do what I normally do - 
Start the race, with a car I don't own, wait for the 'instant upgrades' button to appear, then fully upgrade and then go through the whole event either in one run if I have spare time or over a couple of days if system allows. 
Last couple of events had to do a couple of driver and TP upgrades in order to finish

 My question  is this.
Can I choose a car I have already upgraded and get the benefit of that spending in order to finish the event only using M$.
I am not really clear on the options as I have only done the one system each time. Start from new car with nothing done to it, and spend whatever is needed

With the new update and several new cars ( including what looks like a very expensive Bugatti) I am starting to really stretch my gold reserves

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