Custom Livery Competition 2016 - February Voting

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Custom Livery Competition 2016 - February Voting

Voting for the Custom Livery Competition (CLC) February 2016 is now OPEN

Theme: Computer Evolution

Vote for your favorite Livery matching the February 2016 theme of "Computer Evolution" (further images can be seen in the February 2016 submissions thread).  Voting is open to EVERYONE.
Results will be posted in this thread and the Official CLC thread at the completion of the poll.
Good luck everyone.


Select your favorite liveries in order of preference.

** Because there are only 6 entries this month, select ALL entries in order of preference.

Points are assigned as follows... (based on total number of competition entries)
1st Choice - 6 Points
2nd Choice - 5 Points
3rd Choice - 4 Points
4th Choice - 3 Points
5th Choice - 2 Points
6th Choice - 1 Point
* You MUST select and order ALL entries to be able to cast your votes.
** Once you have cast your votes they cannot be changed


1. The Human Brain
24% (80 points)
6. Mouse Evolution
3. Old Tron v New Tron
18% (61 points)
5. Windows 3.1
17% (57 points)
4. Pole Position
15% (51 points)
2. Binary Car
8% (28 points)
Total votes: 96

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