Retro Rivals - Day 5

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Retro Rivals - Day 5

Last day...5 goals left....

1. Come 1st in one of the laps during the race OR finish at least 3rd.
3 Laps at Mount Panorama with a field of 21 opponents (Shelby Cobra)
(Skip 25 Gold)
Race ends if you finish a lap at first place

2. Perform 3 donuts and come at least 12th OR finish at least 3rd
3 Laps at Dubai international with field of 21 opponents
(Skip 25 Gold)
I switched off all helps and have done the donuts and start the hunting around 700m behnid the field.
At the end of lap 1 I was 12th (with to rides on the green) and finished 4th at the end.

3. Win one of these races
All races at Dubai GP
- Elimintation
- Hunter (I choose this one...567m and finished it with 596m ahead)
- Endurance
(Skip 25 Gold)

4. Come 1st by the end of the 1st lap against a Miura or finish at least 3rd after 3rd lap
3 Laps at Dubai GP and a field of 21 opponents
(Skip 25 Gold)
I have no idea why they mention the miura...because the field is mixed up.
With full upgraded Countach I was only able to be 3rd after first lap... can't catch up until end and finished 3rd.
Lapped the last 2 places right before the finish line.
Possible that the can be a upgrade dumbing down the bots could be neccessary.

5. Come 1st by the end of the 4th lap without collisions OR smash the rear windshields of 20 cars and win.
10 Laps in Melbourne with a field of 21 opponents
(Skip 25 Gold)

Funny are the skip prize....
Looks like they added at some point a 5th goal for this day.

Will update (hopefully soon) if I can do the last goal with 1st condition wink
UPDATE: Wow... the tollerance of 'collisions' are very high.... I had a lot of contacts and bumps, but finished the race after lap 4 in first position in the first try.

Got 50 Gold (because I own the car)

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