FAP400 - Day 4

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FAP400 - Day 4

Welcome to day 4!
A day at the Indianapolis speedway.

Erik is back as well to tune the vehicle.

5 goals, all on the Indianapolis Speedway.
Note: I have all R$ only upgrades.

Goal 1:
Finish the 1st lap within 54 seconds or finish with at least a mean speed of 160 mph /257 kmh.
2 laps on the speedway without opponents.

Easy got the 1st target. Did the lap in 50 seconds and even lifted a bit in the end to leave some room for improvement.
With my upgrades the speedway was flat out all the way, no need to brake in the curves (which makes it a bit boring....). Can you go flat out with a fully upgraded car?

Goal 2:
Draft for 1100 yd / 1006m.
1 lap with 1 opponent (head to head).
Finished as soon as you hit the target.

Easy... just stay behind opponent.

Goal 3:
Draft with Joey Logano and pass Brad Kesalowski.
Finish 1st and 2nd after 1 lap.

Follow Joey and slipstream with him. Do not smash into Joey in the left curves, this will cost too much speed.
For me was easy, Joey passed Brad easilly. But other option is to pass Joey and spin Brad so both can pass. (Not nice.... I agree...)

Goal 4:
Win the 3 lap race with 21 opponents.
Use drafting to get to the front, but keep the engine temperature under control. Drafting stops the cooling and will overheat the engine.

My bots slow down in the curves. So I used the straights to draft to keep the speed and went on the inside of the curve to pass opponents and cool the engine.
Was 1st after 1 lap.
Again with my upgrades the complete lap is flat out...

Goal 5:
Win this 5 lap race with 25 opponents and draft for 19150 yd / 17511m.

Passed all the cars as soon as possible and got some drafting in the 1st lap. When I got behind the lead car I stayed behind him untill I got the drafting done. Then passed and win.

Still the bots slow down for the curves. So was easy. On the straights they were as fast as me. So probably tomorrow will need some gold upgrades if they increase speed.

Rewards: R$ 50.000 and 5 gold.

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