FAP400 - Day 6

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FAP400 - Day 6

Welcome to day 6
A continuation of day 5 on the Richmond track.
6 goals.

Goal 1 (40 skip):
3 lap race. Finish in the top 10 without damage.
Full grid of 43 cars. You start 31st, but fall back to about 35th at the start.
Other cars accelerate when the lighs count down, but yours keeps its speed.

This was surprisingly easy, got it in 1st try. They again allow some contact.

Goal 2 (40 skip):
2 lap race. Your tires are worn. Maintain your place in the top 10.
You start 10th but again drop back to about 15th at the start.

Was a but harder but got it after few tries and a pile-up in front of me :)

Goal 3 (40 skip):
8 lap race, finish in the top 3.
You start 40th.

This one took some tries and dumbing down the bots.
It seems you do not make it. But in the last 2 laps the field came together and I passed 15 cars!
Either the field is close together near the front or it comes together due to a crash or overtaking the backmarkers. Anyway it made it easier.

Goal 4 (40 skip):
5 lap race, finish in top 30 with an overheating engine.
You start 28th.

Was easier. Coast into corners and full throttle on straights worked.
Also again a crash in front made me overtake a few.

Goal 5 (40 skip):
5 lap race. Get into top 10 without damage.
You start 30.

My car is in the red and did not make this one yet.
But tried a few times to dumb down the bots. Every race there is a huge crash that blocks the track so watch out!

Edit: with serviced car was easy, only avoid the crashes.

Goal 6 (40 skip):
7 lap race, finish 1st.
You start 10th.

The 9th place car (logano for me) is right in front of you and the rest way out in front of you. Plan is to draft with logano to catch the rest. If the 9th place car is too fast or you loose the draft you can not make it. So draft untill you catch the pack.
After the 3rd place car there was again a large gap, thought I would not make it, but the 2 cars were slowed down in the last lap by backmarkers and I could catch them (again I use the lower line in the curves)
Though needed to dumb down the bots untill I could keep up with Logano before I could win.

Reward: 10 gold

I normally race the inside line. This makes overtaking easy. You stay out of the way of the bots and also have a bigger chance to avoid the crashes and gain some positions.

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