Asterion's Charge - Day 1

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Asterion's Charge - Day 1

Goal 1.1:
Dubai Club Circuit, Cup, 2 laps, 15 opponents, win.

Goal 1.2:
Dubai GP, Autocross

Goal 1.3:
Dubai GP, Elimination

Goal 2:
Dubai International, Time Trial, don't be too fast, you need to beat your own time later on Day 7.

Goal 3:
Dubai National, Cup, 5 laps, 21 opponents with Miuras and Countachs only, lap them all and win.

Rewards: 5 Gold

First round of upgrades takes 2 hours.

Don't forget to service your car after completion of Day 1.

All in all, a walk in the park. The Asterion feels great, lots of grip.

EDIT: Goal 1.1 are 15 opponents, thanks,Vampire, my bad.

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