Born for Victory - Day 6

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Born for Victory - Day 6

Goal 1 - 3 lap cup against 3 opponents 
Goal 2 - 1 lap H2H in the F1. Hope it's serviced for everyone.  And yup you have your current upgrades.
Goal 3 - back to our P1 for another H2H
Goal 4 - another 3 lap cup against the 3 other cars. Paint scratching is fine, but if bot rear ends you, you'll get the failed banner. 
Goal 5 - autocross/speed record/H2H which you can't run because car in need of service because of Ahmed
Goal 6 - I had skipped goal 5 and tried race with red service car. Could only run a 1:46 first lap. So reloaded cloud save and waiting for servicing. 

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