Drag Race Rhythm Method

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Drag Race Rhythm Method

I just thought I'd share an observation that I made regarding the drag races. Many times a special event has a "gold trap" drag race or you may have a friend who has an upgraded car you can't beat in Career and it's frustrating to say the least. Or you just might want the ultimate low time to screw your other friends...
If you get lucky and anticipate a launch perfectly you can post a run with a far lower ETA than is generally possible by trying to react to the green lights normally but the timing can seem totally random which makes that approach inconsistent. Generally, if you wait to see the green, you get smoked. This leads to repeated failure and low self-worth. (Or even worse, handing back your hard-earned gold to the monkeys!)

The Solution: only take the sure bet.

Try the following to sus out the timing: Start a drag race but don't launch. Count along with the lights and note the timing of the green. Do this many times until you can pinpoint which count the green falls on. (Pause-Quit-Yes-Retry Run). If you consider the three horn blasts with the red lights as a rhythmic beat then you'll notice that if you accurately continue the beat during the pause then the light turns green at particular points that can be measured rhythmically. 
Once you can measure the timing of the green then you can simply follow the sequence in which they appear (listed out below). The sequence appears to be a set pattern that only resets when the game app is launched. Based on what I've observed, you can win a race, lose a race, quit and retry, or even quit the race and reload another and the sequence always picks up where you left off previously. 
Before I was aware of the sequence I had luck with just continuously restarting a race and only doing a launch when the green had failed to light up by the end of the count but it's vastly easier if you know the timing in advance. 
You can get away with counting something like "1&2&3&4&5&6&" (where 1, 2, and 3 would line up with the red lights) but I take it another step and divide the rhythm established by the lights into divisions of four since not every green light comes exactly on a beat or the upbeat. Some are slightly ahead or behind so I count "1 e & a 2 e & a 3...." etc. to gauge it a little more accurately.
If you reload the app before a race you should only need the first few but in case anyone's interested here are the first 25:

(If the light is halfway between beats I used '&', if it's slightly ahead or behind I used '+/-'.)

4   5+  6   6&-  6&   5   4+  5+  4    5-   6    4&   4&+   5+   5   5-   6&   5   5   6+   6&-   4&-   6&+   5&

I hope this helps some other drivers like me (read: no gold) to avoid those monkey traps and post some good times!

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