The New NASCAR Way

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The New NASCAR Way

While earning my second NASCAR vehicle last week, I observed bot behavior that led me to develop a "New NASCAR Way" that is ALMOST as satisfying as the original. (If you don't already know, the original "NASCAR Way" no longer works.)

Here is what I do:
I race to the front of the pack and pit the leader. Be careful that he doesn't take you out with him or slow you down too much. Be sure to not let too many behind you pass, or you could have a struggle getting back to the lead. Once you have pitted your first car, straighten yourself out and get ready for the next one. If I am still in the lead, I let second place pass me and then I do the same. In general, try not to get too far ahead of the pack even as you begin to notice the entire race getting slower. Keep letting second place pass you and then pit them. Sometimes, I mix it up by getting in the way of second place and going as slow as I can while holding all opponents behind me. This technique will eventually slow down the AVERAGE speed of the entire pack which will make all future NASCAR career events MUCH easier for you. Don't be afraid to loose a few races in the beginning. It wasn't easy to begin the dumbing down process. Like I said, I started doing this process at the beginning of my second NASCAR vehicle at the Daytona 500 series. By day 5 or 6, the events were MUCH easier than they had been while I was earning my first car. Cars 3 and 4 were REALLY easy to earn.

Yes the carnage that you cause by doing the above steps is fun, like the original "NASCAR Way" was BUT, I also challenge myself by letting 2 or 3 opponents pass me near the end of a race (with 1 or 2 laps left at Richmond for example) so that I have the thrill of hunting them down and pitting them before they can steal my victory. Think of this as a "NASCAR Way" version of the Hunter events. (I know that the NASCAR career sections have their own Hunter events but mine are more challenging/fun.)



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