Le Mans Legends - Day 6

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Le Mans Legends - Day 6


No idea why that last screenshot is rotated 

Goal 1 - single lap. Starting in 9th. Can fall below 12 as long you finish in 12th. 15L of gas. Shouldn't be a concern unless you're heavy on the gas. 
Goal 2 - single lap. Starting in 6th. You're allowed of overtake. Unsure if you can let them overtake you or not or just 7th place can't overtake you. One can potentially overtake Magnus in first if you want to hire the engineer. 
Goal 3 - ends immediately once you hit the required speed. No issues with 2 gold upgrades. Car isn't in need of servicing yet. 
Goal 4 - 2 laps. Starting in 6th. Easy to overheat the engine on the straightaways. But once you lift off the accelerator, the pack zooms right by you. Still attempting this goal.
Goal 5 - car is midway on the 2nd straightway. So potentially possible to beat with car in the red. 

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