No Compromise - Day 7

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No Compromise - Day 7

Back to Hockenheimring. GP for goals 1,3 and 5. Short track for other two. 
Goal 1 - 2 lap cup. Upgrade trap. Recommended PR 90.1. The bots too fast on the straights. So unless you can constantly block them out, going to need rest of the stage 2 gold upgrades. Waiting on the R$ after. 
Goal 2 - simple 1 lap H2H 
Goal 3 - 3 lap cup. Since temporarily skipping while waiting for R$ upgrades, didn't do this race yet. Unsure how so much grass cutting will go. 
Goal 4 - turn around at start line and cruise for rest of track
Goal 5 - may take advantage of this elimination to dumb down for last day.  Racing against 5 others.

Reward 15 gold. 

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