No Compromise - Day 8

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No Compromise - Day 8

Okay, day is going to be tough for any of us that leave brakes on low assist.
Goal 1 - autocross.  Time I needed to beat was 46.169.  PR for race is 92.6
Goal 2 - 2 lap cup.  Not sure who's going to be stupid enough to do the follow option.  Safer to just win the race.  PR 92.9
Goal 3 - speed snap.  This may require some upgrades to achieve required speed.  PR 93.2
Goal 4 - 3 lap cup.  Well lucky only need to move up into the ranks and not win this crowded race.  PR 93.4
Goal 5 - 4 lap cup.  Again for the low brake assists racers, this is going to be hard to avoid skidding and going off track.  PR 93.8
Goal 6 - victory lap.  Screw the donut.

Reward $50,000/30 gold

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