Tour Auto Speciale - Day 6

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Tour Auto Speciale - Day 6

Day on Monza. Definitely will need gold upgrades to complete. How much, not sure though. 

Goal 1 - 3 lap cup on junior course. Just came short (less than 10/100th of second) from having fastest lap, but couldn't catch up to top 3 with R$ only
Goal 2 - speed snap on road course. Don't come close at all to both time and speed requirements with R$ only
Goal 3 - H2H reverse lap on junior course.  Came close to beating with R$ only. 
Goal 4 - speed record on road course. Like goal 2, way too slow to get required speed
Goal 5 - elimination on road course. 5 opponents. Was able to keep pace with 2nd last place car for each elimination but just couldn't get near enough to first place to get the tailgating goal or overtake to win with R$

Well will attempt with gold upgrades tomorrow 

Reward 20 gold

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