Tour Auto Speciale - Day 7

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Tour Auto Speciale - Day 7

Day on Le Mans

I'm still on the speed record on day 6. Not sure if I want to do the 3rd gold upgrade just to finish day 6. So skipping ahead to see if it's necessary. 

Goal 1 - 1 lap cup. Started in 11 or 12th place. The top 5 bots too fast on the straights. But just before we reach the end of the last straight, meet up with some back markers. So not issue to then overtake the faster bots. I just didn't get the required lead to complete goal. 
Goal 2 - autocross with minimum average speed. Time no issue, but in my attempt, only reached speed of 194kph
Goal 3 - extra long endurance. 
Goal 4 - rolling start at end of last straightaway. Have 3L of gas. No issues about running out of gas but I wasn't aggressive enough to overtake the 2 bots ahead
Goal 5 - 1 lap where you can't be ahead of 2nd place by 60m for entire race. It's not just when you cross the finish line as the screenshot indicates. So just stay behind the bot until you get to the end of the track and overtake before finish line. 

Reward $40,000/20 gold

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