Bathurst 1000 - Day 5

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Bathurst 1000 - Day 5

Day on Mount Panorama still. Started day with 13 upgrades. Did one attempt before skipping to see how many upgrades will be needed. 

Goal 1 - 1 lap cup. Started in 2nd. Hard to block out going down the mountain while avoiding exceeding the speed limit
Goal 2 - speed record with higher target than yesterday's speed record and we can't use the wall this time
Goal 3 - 3 lap cup. Rolling start starting from down the mountain. So already a 20 second handicap on the first lap. Oddly, I did a 1:52 on second lap but got the green banner
Goal 4 - TT. I'm 4 seconds off on my first attempt from the 1:47 target. 

Reward $25,000/15 gold

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