Path Of Defiance - Day 5

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Path Of Defiance - Day 5

Day on Daytona. Will definitely need gold upgrades to proceed. Went with R$ to test for now

Goal 1 - 1 lap H2H on road course. Ahmed in a Jag. He's far too fast on the straights. Get within 20m, but after the bus stop, he just pulls away. Was able to get average speed of 222KPH. So maybe the full manual drivers can pull this one out with R$ upgrades
Goal 2 - 2 lap cup on road course. Was only able to stay in 5th with top speed of 330. So don't see how anyone can get passed without upgrading
Goal 3 - choice between 3 lap cup on road course or motorcycle course. No issues to win in stock Jaguar
Goal 4 - 2 lap cup on road course. Was able to complete with R$ only car. Ahmed in 3rd and we're in 9th. Just work your way behind Ahmed and bump him past 1st to win

Reward $20,000/10 gold

edit - 11 upgrades, still hard for me to keep up with Ahmed on goal 1, but can get the average speed.  Goal 2, can now hit 342.  So upgraded to 13.  Was right on Ahmed's ass at the bus stop and he only got to 130m on first straight and I narrowly squeaked under the 174m just as I crossed the finish line.  Can now hit 351 by crashing into the barrier.  So taking advantage of the 3 seconds off track, can meet first requirement.  I just need to find proper line to bounce off and regain control to continue racing.  Was in 3rd at this point.

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