Path Of Defiance - Day 8

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Path Of Defiance - Day 8

Simple last day on Le Mans. I was still having trouble winning goal 4 yesterday with 19 upgrades. Temporily skipped to this new day to see if needed to upgrade more. Nope, no issues with 19 upgrades. 

Goal 1 - 3 lap cup with 25L of gas. I didn't bother to finish, but was already in 1st by end of first lap with 8L of gas used. So would had been fine to complete. 
Goal 2 - 2 lap cup. Was already in 3rd by end of first lap and could see 2nd. Quit and skipped to next goal
Goal 3 - 1 lap cup. No issues hitting required speed and finishing in time
Goal 4 - 2 lap cup. Bots were a little too fast on the straights, but enough time in the corners to get cumulative tailgating time to then take lead and win race
Goal 5 - choice of 1 lap cup at different times of the day. Start in 6th and easy to win

Reward 20 gold

edit - Finally finish goal 4 on day 7 with 19 upgrades.  A few extra notes on day 8

Goal 1 - vs 3 bots
Goal 2 - starting in 11th place.  Fell a little short from overtaking 2nd.  Wasn't going to bother to retry to come in 1st
Goal 3 - starting in 3rd place
Goal 4 - starting in 4th place

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