Furai Rising - Day 6

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Furai Rising - Day 6

Day on Catalunya. Starting day with 13 upgrades. 

Goal 1 - 1 lap cup on national circuit. Did 2 nice clean passes to overtake the field by the second curve. Drove conservatively rest of the way
Goal 2 - 4 lap cup on national circuit. You're by yourself. Starting from a full stop, doing the first lap under 1 minute is proving difficult on 3 attempts. Skipping to see if more upgrades needed 
Goal 3 - autocross on GP circuit. No issues with 13 upgrades
Goal 4 - speed record on club circuit. Target was 259KPH. No issues hitting speed, but I didn't drive fast enough to meet time requirement. Not trying again since restoring back to goal 2 

Reward $20,000/15

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