Fearless - Day 8

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Fearless - Day 8

I'm back for the final day of the event. Whatever upgrades you had the prior two days will be enough for this last day

Goal 1 - 2 lap cup on Mount Panorama. Simple race. Only picked up a skid since Zoe decided attempt to pit me as I passed her
Goal 2 - speed snap on Mount Panorama. 341KPH target going down the hill. No special approach on the ess curve needed like prior stages
Goal 3 - elimination on Mount Panorama. Was able to fulfill both requirements in overtaking (can overtake car multiple times) and tailgate Zoe before winning without issues
Goal 4 - 2 lap cup on Mount Panorama. Can be in first just after the esses up the mountain. And already reached average speed requirement by end of first lap
Goal 5 - 1 lap H2H on Melbourne. Pit Zoe for the easy final lap

Reward $100,000/20 gold

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