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Gulf Livery Archive

It appears I'm not the only one on here with a passion for this iconic livery. This livery on this car is especially significant. This is the car that was built by the Allied forces of USA & GBR to teach Enzo Ferrari a lesson. Not once, but 4 times in a row at Le Mans, not to mention a bunch of other series in those halcyon days of the late '60's. Since those days, you can find an authentic Gulf livery for just about every car out there. I've found them for a bunch of our RR3 cars, but I've held back, not wanting to overdo. But, the more I think about it, I love this livery and the way it makes a car look. So I've decided that, if I find a real world representation of a Gulf livery, then by gum, I'm gonna put it on my car if I feel like it, even if it does leave me with 40 of them.  While we may be a small portion of the populace, we are enthusiastic. The image below says it all. 

I see this thread as a place for aficionados to post their Gulf cars, and admire those of others. Former Texans may even learn to love them. So, please. Post em if you gottem. 

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