Remembering Greatness, & Wishing all Well

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Remembering Greatness, & Wishing all Well

I would like to wish everyone a very loving January 15. Here today in the U.S... we celebrate a truly great American, Martin Luther King Jr. By mentioning his day here, and wishing you all well, it helps me remember we have at other times had great men leading us. I was five when he was assassinated, and forty five before I really took the time to know him. For me the greatness I found in MLK were in many of his lesser known speeches, and IMhO being a great American, and the great civil rights leader, were secondary to being a great human/person, and one who fought passionately for the equality of the people of his race, yet cared about the equality and loved the brotherhood of all people regardless of race. Love is like great race days and great circuits, we can never have too much.

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