Ferrari Testarossa Road Trip - Day 6

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Ferrari Testarossa Road Trip - Day 6

Skip for goals:60 Gold (or as it 50 gold and 60 gold at the end?)
Recommended PR 38,1
Whole day at Mt. Panorama

Goal 1:
H2H, 3 laps , Win and Lap Norm

Needed two attempts... and even with full upped car (BA low/TC on) I catched Norm in the last corner of the race.
So don't think it will be easy. I didn't know if dumbing is possible.

Goal 2:
H2H 2 laps Don't overheat your engine and don't damage your car. And don't pit Norm off track
Tilt B is activated

Goal 3:
Speed-Snap, Win without drifting
I have to beat 295,7kph (I didn't know if dumbing is possible)

Goal 4:
H2H 2 laps, reach at least average speed of 116,5mph/187,4kph, don't leave the track and win

This strange speed numbers suggesting another gold trap.
With full up I didn'tmanaged it in the first attempt... but after TC off I made it in the 3rd attempt.

Goal 5:
Cup, 3 laps with 21 opponents...simply win
Because of good experiences with TC off I made this last goal also without TC

Reward: Car and 10 Gold & 45.000R$

Next event will come up in ~15 days wink

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