Perseverance - Day 8

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Perseverance - Day 8

Goal 1) Autocross, Nürburg GP, win
Goal 2) H2H, Nürburg GP, 1 lap, win with no off-track, no skidding and an average speed of at least 181 km/h.
Goal 3) H2H, 1 lap, choose one of three (Hock GP, Nürburg GP or Leipzig Dynamic), win with no off-track, no damage.
Goal 4) Speed Snap, Nürburg Müllenbach, win with no off-track.
Goal 5) H2H, Nürburg GP, 2 laps, win.

Skip: 80 GC each
Recommended PR: 71.7
Rewards: 45.000 R$, 20 GC, car

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