Carbon Copy - Day 7

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Carbon Copy - Day 7

all at Nürburgring
(you will very likely need gold upgrades and R$ follow-ups today)

Goal 1: GP, Elimination with a rolling start, finish at least 2nd, no offtrack

Goal 2: GP, 2-lap-cup, win, no offtrack, reach average speed of at least 187.5 km/h

Goal 3: Müllenbach, 2-lap-cup, follow the Zonda R for at least 20 secs within 20 meters (continuously). Race is finished and won, as soon as the 20 secs are done.

Goal 4: GP, Speed Snap, win, reach a top speed of at least 325.1 km/h (see Day 6, haha), no offtrack, don’t brake (well, otherwise you wouldn't stand a chance anyway ;-))

Recommended PR: 83,9
Skip: 60 GC each
Rewards: 50,000 R$ + 15 GC

PS: No idea, how they handled the decimals in top and average speed this time. There’s been trouble on Day 6 with a similar one. No issue here, but I'm full-up.

EDIT: you may want to practise a bit with the Mazda 787B at Nürburgring in its career series. Find out about braking points and offtrack/ontrack situations, the Mazda is not identical, but similar to the C11.  You'll need to know how much offtrack you can go without actually being offtrack. You know what I mean.

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