Hacked by COLE and SONS

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Hacked by COLE and SONS

I have never really checked out the Nissan Silvia (S15) R3SPEC before today, and WOW! I knew there was something not quite right when I ran a TT @Spa that I was sure I was killing - under 2 minutes damm that was fast! Or so I thought until I saw the leaderboard. I was almost 10 seconds off. Really, that much faster in that little glorified Datsun B210? Next was a cup at Melbourne. Fast lap 45.xxx how was that even possible? I was trying to drift it into the walls, but I couldn’t unstick it.

i have before thought the numbers did not match the performance, many times, but maybe it was just me? There ain’t a way in hell or anywhere else that this car is a 1.60 grip. Or maybe it is just me or maybe just my S15 3 Spec, but the only way to explain that is, I must have been hacked by COLE and SONS!

Edit: Best lap 49.xxx not 45.xxx screen cap to follow at post #3.

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