King of the Ring - Day 9

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King of the Ring - Day 9

all at Nürburgring

Goal 1: Müllenbachschleife, elimination, no off-track, win (rolling start)
Goal 2: Sprint circuit, autocross, no off-track, reach average speed of at least 197 kph, win
Goal 3: GP circuit, 2-lap cup, tailgate Magnus within 33 m for the entire race, no off-track
Goal 4: GP circuit, speed record, win within 1:31.80, no off-track
Goal 5: GP circuit, H2H, 4 laps, win within 5:54.50, no off-track, no damage

Recommende PR: 87.7
Skip: 80 GC each
Rewards: 60,000 R$, 25 GC

EDIT: It's not a very easy day, but doable. Not only upgrades but also skills are important. So, if you have problems today with 21 (or less) upgrades, there's a friendly advice from me: take part in our ALL TTs challenges as a regular. Sooner or later, all you will ever need in skills is taught and learnt over there, most helpful for many cars and most tracks (well, any car and any track really). This advice may be too late for this SE, but it will definitely help you in all future events (and WTTT, too, of course). It's free, it's fun. Just sayin'.

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