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Forino Valley

As most of my friends know I switched to all assists off about 3 months ago and what a re-learning curve it is.

I am trying to learn again track by track, corner by corner, and it sure is taking many 9 lappers in QT but slowly I think its coming.

I am currently working hard on Forino Valley and seem to be losing time from T4 (left hander) through T5 and T6.(S bend).

It seems that the better drivers have so much more speed exiting T6 and I am sure this is mostly because I don't have the right line to T4.

I am entering T4 pretty narrow and  inside the black line and with the left wheels up on the ripple strip releasing the brake somewhere along the strip.

Entering T5 I am way inside the black line and lifting before I get up on the right ripple strip then accelerating to the start of the next right hand ripple strip and then on the brake at the start of that ripple strip and getting back on the gas just before the apex.

I was watching a rr2tv video on utube and he seems to go wide after T3 and brake very early and then accelerates just before the apex at T4.

But in OMP i see most guys braking late into T4 and if I dont brake late there I get smashed.

So I am  seeking advice as to how I can approach this complex of turns please.

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