Marquis World Championship - Stage 1 Preview

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Marquis World Championship - Stage 1 Preview

Hey all, time for Bubba's previews of the new Marquis World Championship event!  As in the past I'll be providing a brief overview of each stage and challenge to help you prepare for them.  As with Speedrush I probably won't be able to see too far into the future, but have gone through Stage 2 and will try to get further ahead if I can.  So without further ado....

Stage 1 - First Impressions. Four events, all with the Chevy Camaro ZL1. No big surprises here, especially if you're familiar with past events.

Challenge 1: 1 lap Cup, Suzuka West Circuit. Goal - win race.  Grid of 10.

Challenge 2: Speed Record, Mt. Panorama. 

Challenge 3: Three events, all Autocross events at misc. tracks.

Challenge 4: 2 laps Cup, Indy Motor Speedway. Goal: Win without going off-track

Reward for completion: 5 gold

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