Marquis World Championship - Stage 3 Preview

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Marquis World Championship - Stage 3 Preview

Found a new wormhole that got me into Stage 3. ;)

Stage 3 - Heating Up. 5 challenges with the new Maserati street car that is loaned to you. Nothing unusual in this stage. But as usual with the monkeys, some of you may find that you'll need to do a few upgrades to win these challenges.  The good news is that upgrade costs are mostly reasonable (avg. $20K - 30K per 1st & 2nd level of upgrades, with a couple 7-8 gc upgrades in the 2nd level)

All challenges take place on the Dubai Autodrome course

Challenge 1: 3 lap Cup

Challenge 2: 3 events: Speed Record, Autocross and Hunter 

Challenge 3: 1 lap Cup

Challenge 4: Elimination

Challenge 5: 1 lap Cup, but you must win with the 2nd place car finishing less than 20 yards (19 meters) behind.

Completion reward: 10gc

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