Marquis World Championship - Stage 6 Preview

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Marquis World Championship - Stage 6 Preview

Stage 6: License Test.  OK, things get harder here - real hard. 5 challenges, all but one with the Maserati:

Challenge 1: Endurance at Mazda Laguna Seca, with no skidding and with steering and traction control off.  If you have a long way to go, this can be a toughie.  I had only 6.3 miles to win and it still took me 4 tries.  Lots of skid marks. ;) Twice I got pushed by a bot as I was passing that threw me into a skid.  The other two times I raced too conservatively and didn’t make the distance. This is one event where dumbing down the bots ahead of time may be necessary to win, unless you’re really good at avoiding the skids.

Challenge 2: 2 lap Cup at Suzuka East. Grid of 16. Get into 3rd place by the end of lap 1 and stay in 3rd for lap 2. Oh yeah - and sustain no damage in the process.  Takes some concentration, but doable. Bronze medal is yours to keep. Urantia Jewell suggested finishing first on purpose (you'll have to re-run of course to meet the goal) just to get the gold. Great idea - don't know yet if that'll work but check back.

Challenge 3: Time Trial at Spa, with no assists, traction control or race map.  You’re not racing against the clock or anyone else, so go slow here to avoid going off track.  All you have to do is finish.

Challenge 4: OK, I like this one, but it is HARD.  3 laps at the Indy Oval, with no off track or damage. Sounds simple, right? Here’s the catch - you have to race either the Focus or the Silva.  And your competition? A full grid of Ageras, Veyrons and other supercars.  Needless to say, you will finish last. Way last. The trick here is to avoid getting rammed from behind at 200 mph as they zoom up and by you. That creates a bit of damage by the way. But I learned some tricks that will help (I drove a fully upgraded Focus - your strategy may need to be altered if you drive anything else):

1) Drive with cockpit view.  You will need the rear view and side mirrors to see them coming. Trust me, you don’t stand a chance otherwise. Practice in another race ahead of time if you need to.

2) Go full out as you normally would for almost two laps.  They won’t start lapping you until then so nothing to worry about. At about lap two, reduce your speed considerably.  If you’re going real slow, the bots will also slow down as they approach, giving you some maneuverability. If you stay at full speed, the bots will NOT slow down and ram you into the stands. I can’t stress this enough - slow down!

3) Once the bots approach, go opposite the racing line.  You need to go low in the straights and high the corners.  The bots will naturally take the lines.  Make the transition when you see no one coming. Go slow enough in between the transitions to have most of the pack pass you. Letting the crowds go by increases your chances of making the transitions.

Challenge 5: 5 laps at Silverstone Bridge Grand Prix. No off track. This is a long race, so stay focused and you can do it on the first try.

Completion Bonus: Some amount of R$ (sorry, got distracted) plus 15GC, and you may get the car for keeps at this point (I had already bought the car, so I’m not sure how this is handled for others).

Good luck!

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