Scuderia Ferrari Championship Event - Stage 1 Preview

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Scuderia Ferrari Championship Event - Stage 1 Preview

We're getting close to the final Ferrari event, so I thought I'd start posting some previews now to give you something to look forward to.  Well, at least up until Stage 6 which is where I got locked out.  My Delorean got pulled over in a speed trap early on in this update and I lost out on all the other events and the last half of this one. Wah. Hopefully someone can pick up st Stage 7 and continue on. Sorry, no pics either for these stages.

This event features the Ferrari F14 T (except as noted) and has 12 stages. Repair time for the F14 T is 4:45, and it has a potential of 25 upgrades.

Stage 1 - Season Opener

This stage has 4 goals and a completion reward of 5gc. All races are at Catalunya GP, and the goals for each are pretty straightforward. 

Goal 1: Speed Snap

Goal 2: Speed Record

Goal 3: Elimination

Goal 4: 4 lap Cup with full grid. Set the fastest lap. At the end of each lap a marker will appear mid-screen showing your lap time.  If if it’s in red you haven’t met the goal yet. If green, you’re currently with the fastest lap time.

Link to stage 2 preview

Link to version 3.0 thread for general comments about this update

(update): Link to F14 T thread

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