Monthly Custom Livery Competition (CLC) 2015

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Monthly Custom Livery Competition (CLC) 2015

Welcome to the 2015 Monthly Livery Competition (CLC). 

This competition has been created to allow players to show their creative flair in creating liveries in the in-game livery editor in RR3.  This competition is open and non-judgemental. whether you are a beginner or season professional, everyone is encouraged and welcome to join in.


1. The competition is open to everyone
2. You must do a completely new customization for this contest.  No grabbing screenshots of ones you've already done.
3. Theme: Each month a theme will be chosen and the guidelines posted in the submission thread
4. The car you choose to customize is entirely up to you.
5. Only one entry per member.  If you post an entry, then change your mind or modify your design, you may post again.  The latest entry for each participant will be considered as your entry, unless you tell us otherwise.


Themes will most likely be cryptic and open to interpretation.  We want to see how a theme can be interpreted and designed by each person.  We are aiming for variety and creativity.
This is a "Design" competition.  Will will not be asking you to duplicate current racing car livery's.


This will be an ongoing monthly competition.  The points you win in each competition will go towards an overall competition leaderboard.  Monthly points and overall leaderboard will be posted in the official CLC Results thread at the completion of each competition.


All entries each month will be chosen and placed in a voting poll.  In the case of voting ties, equal points will be given for the placing.
The top 15 entries will be awarded points according to the table below. 
Place Points
1st 50 Points
2nd 40 Points
3rd 35 Points
4th 30 Points
5th 25 Points
6th 20 Points
7th 18 Points
8th 15 Points
9th 12 Points
10th 10 Points
11th 9 Points
12th 8 Points
13th 7 Points
14th 6 Points
15th 5 Points

Note: The Points system has changed since the 2014 competition. Points are now awarded up to 15th place (10 in 2014).

Bonus Points
1. Each entry submitted that does not make the top 15 recieves 1 bonus participation point
2. Displaying "MRR" on your car (all entries) - 1 bonus point
3. Displaying the full url "" on your car (all entries) - 5 bonus points
Note: 2 and 3 are optional and NOT requirements.

Submissions and Deadlines

- Each competition will run for 1 month.
- Submissions can be submitted in the first 3 weeks of each month (1st to 21st)
- The last week of the competition will be the voting poll
- Winners announced on the last day of the month

Hack/MOD based liveries will not be accepted

Liveries must be created using the in-game livery editor. Livery's created using user modified game files or hacks will not be accepted.

Competition Threads

Please do not post your designs in this thread.  Use the links below to go to the appropriate submission and voting threads.


Month Submission Voting Theme
January Closed Closed Night
February Closed Closed Day
March Closed Closed The [INSERT_YOUR_NAME_HERE] Racing Team
April Closed Closed Fast Food
May Closed Closed Unplugged
June Closed Closed Weather
July Closed Closed Action Hero
August Closed Closed It's Your Sport
September Closed Closed Tropical
October Closed Closed Robotic
November Closed Closed Countdown
December Closed Closed Dark or Light
Car of the Year - Closed Winner: colo_artist - 300 Mile View


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