How-To: Maintain Position in Special Events

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How-To: Maintain Position in Special Events

I decided to put together a quick tutorial on beating FM's special events where you have to maintain a certain grid position without colliding.

I've seen many members having major problems with these events, whilst others, having a much easier time. Collating all that I've read so far I believe the following tips to be the key elements to success.

I don't believe that the AI bots are different for some people, maybe some are dumbed down but I don't think collisions are directly related to speed alone but rather, to our racing approach.

After trying a myriad of assist settings I've settled on the following. High brake, traction on and chase view. Everything else can be whatever you like.

1) SPEED: If you don't limit your speed you will find the bots to be too slow. This will result in you catching the cars in front too quickly. This will create a chain reaction where they will try to block you, swerving all over the place and probably the main cause of the pile ups some complain about.

Give them space to sort themselves out through the first few turns.

2) BRAKING: Your braking ability should always be better than the bots. If you go too fast at the start and brake late you create two problems. (a) You risk over braking, losing control and ploughing into those in front or going off track. (b) You don't give those behind you time to brake in time and you end up being rear-ended.

Brake at the same rate as the bots and they should behave themselves.

3) SMOOTHNESS: The bots appear to be less upset by accelerating and braking smoothly and thus, they will be less likely to swerve into you.

Basically, you have to think and race like a bot - Be-A-Bot for a day. I know it's frustrating but it is the best way to get through these events. There will be plenty of time to go balls out in the car once it is safely tucked away in your garage.

4) CHASE VIEW: This is optional (personally, I don't like it) but it does help have a better idea of your track position relative to the bots and apply the above listed tips.

5) HUG THOSE CURBS: Try to ride the curbs on the apex of the corners. The bots will rarely try to go around the outside unless you slow down a lot. Be careful in the no off track events as it easy to lose the challenge this way. Also, don't take the racing line, going wide and hitting the sweet spot of the corner. The bots will try to undercut you if you leave too much space. Better to take as straight a line as possible in approaching the corner. You should see the bot following in your tracks around the turn and you'll be able to get away easier and put some air between you and those behind.

Ok, thats all I've got. It isn't exhaustive nor definitive; take from it, add to it, all comments and constructive criticisms are welcome.

Finally, there are always going to be exceptions so even with all the tips in the world some people are still going to have problems with some events. It's just a game so we shouldn't lose sleep over it. Good luck everyone!

Je suis Charlie

**Edit: sorry, after getting through stage 6.2 of the Scuderia Ferrari Challenge I decided to add a fifth tip which is quite important.

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