The 500 - Day 9

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The 500 - Day 9

We're almost there!!! Goals by Zermalmer.




I knew he would overdo it. This is what happens when we ignore the veteran and listen to the cowboy.
I don't want my reputation attached to any more of this, take the rest of the tour on your own.
Oh man, your co-driver is pulling out too, and he's taking the sponsors with him!
We'll need to find a new benefactor to front up the entry for the last leg. I suspect your best buddy Ahmed might be interested...
Hello again my friend! I would be overjoyed to assist in your championship journey, but I'd like for you to help me with something first.
Inspired in part by your endurance victories I have set up a little Enduro at Dubai for my regular racing friends.
I would like you to win it for me.

This is the endurance event I described - a lengthy Cup race. Win with limited fuel, and manual brakes and throttle, and to sweeten the triumph you should cross the line at least 500 yards ahead!
Race with manual brakes and throttle, watch your fuel, and win by 500 yards (457m)

Ahh a vision I relish, Team Ahmed triumphant atop the podium! I will sponsor your race, but since your old sponsors parted ways you will need to create an inspiring new race livery before any official events. Do not forget a driver number!
Complete the parade lap with a customized race livery. Include a number vinyl

Hey it's Eric, I'd like to spend the rest of the day tuning a final setup at a Monza event. I'll keep it balanced like Michael was suggesting all along... With limited fuel, win the event with manual brakes and throttle, and hit the finish line at 205 mph (330 kph).
Watch your fuel, complete the lap, and cross the line at 205 mph (330 kph)

That seemed to work well. Put it to the test in this race event.
We'll be using manual brakes and throttle as before.
With manual brakes and throttle, watch your fuel consumption and win

We should try to appeal to Michael to rejoin us for tomorrow's race. Join him for some laps at his favourite track, maybe you can reignite his racing passion.
Win the race

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