The 500 - Day 10

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The 500 - Day 10

Last day, I guess first goal 12 laps Le Mans will be very time consuming (more than 45 minutes). So don't spoil it in the last lapsangry. And how many laps will goal 5 besurprise.

Again many thanks to Andreas for putting all days in one thread just when 3.2 was releasedyes, so I could cut each day in a new thread



That was just what I needed. A clear head and for the most part just you and the road. Endurance racing is the truest test of fortitude and skill.
Ok, let's take everything we've learned together and dominate the last leg of The 500.
We've been allowed to take on the final event with a single driver, and with some modifications and the right tuning we might be able to do the entire race in 1 stint.
With no pit stops we can claim enough points for victory! 12 laps of Le Mans in 1 go, this is a bold plan for you Michael!
I think together we've proven that measured and bold are a powerful combination. We'll see after the big race.
We'll need to take on as much fuel as possible, and get every last drop from the tank. We have some time to tweak the setup tonight before the big race in the morning. Stay tidy though, don't damage the car in the final hours!
Take no damage, stay on track, and win

Ok great, now we can put everything to the test in our last lap before the big race. Make sure you're fueled up for a fast finish, I want you to cross the line at 140 mph (226 kph)
Watch your fuel, complete the lap, and hit the finish line at 140 mph (226 kph)

You've been challenged to a final showdown by your co-driver to see who gets to race for the trophy. Since you both got this far
together I suppose it's fair to both have a chance at the final race. You should definitely take this though!
Win this race

Well done, I knew you'd take him down! Ok here we go, the qualifier for the finale.
Hit the fastest lap, and keep the car race-ready by staying on track and avoiding damage.
Stay on the track, avoid damage, and set the fastest lap

Eric and I have both signed off on the final setup for the race, so it's all down to you to take the big points.
This will be an intense test of fortitude - anything short of a whole lap's lead will fall short,
so you'll need focus and control like never before.
Control your brakes, throttle and fuel, and win by a full lap - 14905 yards (13629m)!

You did it! Fantastic! You took the points you needed to bring home the championship trophy, the same trophy I was striving for when I was racing. I'm so glad I came back on board.
Awesome, I knew my planning and skills would get us there! Ok, fine, I'm glad we could finally combine ALL our talents to snatch victory, and I guess having a superstar driver helps too.
Thanks Eric, humble as ever. It was indeed an amazing team effort.
So, as champion of The 500, you can now take home YOUR Aston Martin Vantage GTE!





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