Could a Group A WTT person do races for a less experienced account?

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Could a Group A WTT person do races for a less experienced account?

Hey all,

I'm usually comfortably in group C.  This past week was one of my rare B events as I had the car upgraded and the Melbourne track isn't too difficult.

My question is, are there group A racers who could race on my account to get me into A?  For example, I would assume one would need the upgraded best car for that week.

I use my Google account so I wouldn't share that, but I could maybe create a junk facebook account to share with the better racer for them to cloud restore, do the race, then I restore back.

The other question would be compensation.  Me going from group C to A is a bonus of 250 gold and that amount in the store is about $30.  For the group A racers on here, how quickly/easily are you able to get into group A?  Would a $5 or $10 compensation be fair?  I'm imagining the more experienced racers are able to get into A as easily as I can get into C.  However, if they're spending hours to get into A, then this obviously wouldn't be fair compensation.  Plus, there would be a certain amount of trust involved so there is that also.

I don't really spend anything buying gold, but maybe for some people that do, this might be a cheaper option for the buyers and maybe some extra cash for the better racers?

Anyway, this is a hypothetical question I've had for awhile now and wanted to get some feedback about it.

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