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Suzuka GP F1

Well the latest F1 event for another new car is done
Summary from a group C driver -
Using the same car as event in previous F1 season 1 round 3, fully tuned and driver level 4 and TC at 7, It was not sufficient PR to finish. (That’s just got to be upping the anti to get players to use more gold)
Had to do another 2 driver levels
The races were all reasonable and some real fun with only a couple needing full concentration, until the second last event day 5. - Draft for 10,000 meters and come 3rd.
It took me quite a few runs and looked like a buy to skip until I realised that 3rd place was just a bit slower with each run. Seems like an adjustment to the bots with a loss which is awesome when your not one of the “A” ability drivers
Only other complaint was from early on, (around start of day 2 or 3) where you drive a 1 lap race and start at almost the start line so do close to 2 laps and get 300M$ reward - really!!??

Question now is, with 3 cars left not in my garage, and 1 more event to do this season, will they run any other F1 events in the future, or will it come down to a save and buy

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