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Monaco F1

Just finished the latest F1 in season 5 and am happy to say it will be the last Monaco race I do
I still have 2 lots of 3 lap races to do in invitational’s and due to the frustration and ridiculous requirements, they will remain unfinished.
It’s not that the track itself is really avoidable. It’s hard, but the requirements for some of the events are ridiculous.
In addition to all that, with a car that was used for the last 3 F1 events, I had to do an additional 2 upgrades to TP in order to finish.
I know inflation is a thing, but for cars in the same qualifying year ?? and the last cars of a series of 10, the only thing that comes to mind should not be in print
After all that, I skipped 5.3 the race with draft for 60 seconds and come 3rd because I just could not get there, and it became too dam frustrating. Not the fun game I started 4 or 5 years ago
End of rant
Good luck to all participants, especially the not so fast :)

Edit, the car was fully upped, DL 6 and TP at 7, now DL 9

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