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Project Impulse Preview

Hello everyone,

it tooks a little bit longer to extract the text, because the update hit the play-store so late,

But I think it will give hints for the remaining days.

Here the link to the first day

Hey Player! Get ready for one of the most unique opportunities either of us will get!
Allow me to introduce Project Impulse: our shot at re-building the Renault DeZir into a powerful electric supercar!

And if that wasn't exciting enough, we have exclusive access to the ultimate proving ground: Nürburgring GP!
This track is where a lot of high-end cars are prototyped - it's an auto-engineer's nirvana!

Over the week we will be doing parts and engine analysis, upgrading components,
and racing events against a series of benchmark opponent vehicles.
And each day we'll work to improve our Nürburgring lap time.

We'll start by meeting the car and the track; run some laps to get used to everything.
The car won't be beating any records just yet, but we want to see what she can do before any upgrades.
Complete 2 laps in 5:10

Now it's time for our first benchmark time trial run. Set the time to beat;
we'll be trying to improve on this every day this week.
Complete the time trial in under 2:35

I have applied a sample tuning kit to the car, so we'll take a shot at some short events to test it out.
If it's effective, we can run some analysis to integrate it into our permanent setup.
Win these events

That gave quite the boost to performance, so I've started the analysis. In the meantime, here is the first benchmark opponent car: the Hyundai Veloster. Take on a full grid, and chase them down in a single lap.
Win this race

The track here at Nürburg has a few layouts, so let's take the evening to test them out against our benchmark car.
Win these races

With some of my amazing analysis starting to come in, I think we can take down a beefier car than the Veloster.
Let's take a shot at the DeZir's hot hatch cousin; the Renault Clio Cup.
Win this race

I feel like I can see into the future, and it is electric!
The potential is definitely there, it will come down to whether you can help me realize it.
 I suppose you did pretty well today, so I'm optimistic.
Welcome to our Suzuka track day! I've set up a tight schedule of events here at the Suzuka circuit,
all designed to help us push the handling and acceleration of our project car.
I'd like to introduce our Japanese benchmark car, the Lexus IS-F.
A Japanese mainstay, the Lexus is a step up from the Veloster and the Clio,
so you'll need to up your game - as well as the car - to keep pace.

First up we need a clean lap of the GP course, and since we're tracking the tyre grip you'll need to make sure you don't skid or leave the track.
Win without skidding or leaving the track

Ok, I've kicked off the next round of analysis for the wheel, suspension and drivetrain components.
They'll be ready in a while, but in the meantime there are a handful of autocross events to try.
Win these events

I want to continue to monitor the performance of the tyres, so you need to win this one without leaving the track.
Stay on track, and win

As an electric car, the DeZir has only a single gear ratio with a wide torque band - which means no gear changes,
and power right from the line! Win these drag races against the Lexus and its standard transmission.
Win this event

Our last event for today is our next benchmark lap of the Nürburgring.
Use your experience and your upgraded car to improve on yesterday's time!
Beat your previous time

I'm feeling the incremental improvements stacking up, and I like the direction we're moving.
Tomorrow will be all about speed, so get ready to be tested.
Ok Player, it's time to start pushing this electric motor into overdrive.
You'll be hitting the speedway, and I'll be squeezing the most speed out of the DeZir's electric core.
Ok, it's time to start pushing this electric motor into overdrive.
You'll be hitting the speedway, and I'll be squeezing the most speed out of the DeZir's electric core.
Since we are in the USA, we'll be running today's speed tests against a powerful American classic, the Shelby GT500.
For the first test I'm trying an experimental electronics package to boost the motor - try to maintain your speed through the straights and the bends. Stay on track and avoid collisions to provide the best data.
Stay on track, avoid collisions, and win

Ok, I'm ready to start analysis on that race data, and we'll have a big performance boost available once that's done.
I'd like to run one more speed test, just to get a sense of our current top speed.
Win this event

We're setting up a mini-tournament against a fleet of the Shelby muscle cars, but first we'll do a fastest lap qualifier.
Don't be too concerned about winning, just set the fastest lap.
Set the fastest lap

Great, you took the top spot; now the fastest 16 qualifiers get to duke it out against the electric power machine!
Win these race events from pole position.
Win these events

We'll finish another day with our Nürburgring time trial lap, and again we'll need to improve on our time
to reflect the improvements we've made to the car.
Beat your previous time

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