Scuderia Ferrari Championship Event - Stage 5 Preview

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Scuderia Ferrari Championship Event - Stage 5 Preview

Stage 5: In the Zone

Link to Stage 4 preview thread

This stage has 5 goals, all at Silverstone; completion reward $15,000 and 5gc. For this whole stage your car is still slightly increased in speed and slightly decreased in grip. By the way, by now I had about 10 upgrades done.

Goal 1: 1 lap, do not overtake, do not lose position, do not go off track. You’re starting 16th on a full grid of 22 and have to stay in 16th.  Like the earlier stage with the same goal, this is nigh impossible - though after a dozen or so attempts I finally got it. My issue this time was that a wreck kept happening in front of me after the first turn - forcing me to instantly lose the challenge when I had to drive past the wrecked car and pick up a spot. The same wreck happened repeatedly for about 8-9 times. I guess the lessen here is to keep repeating until you get the opportunities you need. Or you can skip. ;) Some people in the F12 event had success weaving back and forth to keep the car behind you in its place, but that still won't work if the bots ahead of you get into a tangle.

Goal 2: Almost the same as # 1 (maintain 16th position), but this time no collisions allowed instead of the no off-track rule. This actually was easier than the first one (no wrecks to deal with), and I managed to finish it in the first attempt.

Goal 3: 3-lapper. Starting at 16th, climb to 13th with no off-track or collisions. You can vary positions, as long as you finish in 13th.  I failed a number of times at this, mostly due to aggressive bots colliding with me. In the end I immediately dropped to last place, and then slowly worked my way to 13th during stretches when I could safely pass the car(s) in front of me.

Goal 4: 2 laps and win by at least 300 yards (274 meters).  You start in 1st position, so this is actually quite easy provided your car is fast enough and the autobots slow enough.

Goal 5: 5 laps. Gain 5 spots and finish in 9th. Pretty straightforward.

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