Scuderia Ferrari Championship Event - Stage 6 Preview

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Scuderia Ferrari Championship Event - Stage 6 Preview

Stage 6: Prodigy

Link to Stage 5 preview thread

Five goals, all Silverstone again, and again with the same alterations to speed and grip. 5 gc to complete.

Goal 1: Endurance

Goal 2: 1 lap, hold your position, no off-track or collisions. Starting in 10th position.  Same nonsense as all the similar previous goals - do-able but not necessarily easy depending on the bots around you and your performance heading into the first turn.  Generally, if you can get past the first turn OK, you’ll be fine as long as you’re careful and follow the car in front of you being mindful of colliding.

Goal 3: Time Trial-ish (solo, 1 lap). Reach 190 mph (306kph) three times, while keeping your lap time under 1:55. This is where you may need the necessary upgrades to reach this speed. You’re being timed here, so no time to reverse and hit the same long stretch repeatedly to meet the goal.  What I suggest is tapping the brake asap after hitting the first speed mark, so you can hit the 2nd and 3rd ones right away. In other words, hit 190 - tap brake to get down to 189 - hit 190 again - tap brake again - then hit 190 for the final time.

Goal 4: 1 lap, Head-to-Head

Goal 5: 5 lap Cup, 8th spot, win with no off-track.  Remember that this is a swervy beast, so be careful - it’s a long race and you don’t want to lose control halfway through the final lap!

Link to Stage 7 preview thread

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