Scuderia Ferrari Championship Event - Stage 7 Preview

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Scuderia Ferrari Championship Event - Stage 7 Preview

(note: though I still don't have access to events past Stage 7/Goal 2, I'll be providing the goals for the remaining stages thanks to Zermalmer and raceWolf providing the text. Sorry, no tips or tricks available from me.  I'll update these if and when I can get additional info, such as tracks)

Link to Stage 6 preview

Stage 7:  Good Intentions

Six goals, 8 races. Car’s performance indicators back to normal, except where noted.

Goal 1: 3 lap Head to Head at Spa. Racing against a Ferrari 375 F1, lap it. Note, you’ll need to be about 7,500 yards or so ahead in order to lap the car - that may be useful as a gauge to see how you’re doing during the course of the race.

Goal 2: 1 lap Head to Head at Spa. No skidding with Traction Control turned off.

Goal 3: 1 lap, grid of 16, Race the Ferrari F40 and win

Goal 4: Endurance. Race the LaFerrari and win

Goal 5: Three races, a Speed Snap, Elimination, and Hunter - all at Spa. Race the F12 Berlinetta and win these events

Goal 6: 3 laps at Spa. Set the fastest lap

Completion reward: $20,000 & 10 GC

Link to Stage 8 Preview

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